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Travel info

Travelling to Sarajevo from anywhere in the Europe  by plane is rather easy, with good flight connections, no visas necessary for many countries, see . The travel cost from Europe is approximately 200-350 EUR.

Upon arrival to the airport, tourists are advised to take a taxi to the city centre, since the airport bus shuttles are usually not available. The approximate cost of the taxi drive from Sarajevo airport to the city centre should not exceed 10 EUR, unless there is a huge traffic jam, which is very unlikely.

We have been informed that at some instances  taxi drivers tried  to cheat tourists, so we advise you that,  as soon as you get in the taxi, ask the driver to turn on the taximeter. The price will be shown in BAM (Bosnian currency which is called convertible mark) which is 0,61 EUR.  You may be additionaly  charged for the luggage, at most 2 BAM per one bag, and this is the only cost which can be added to the price shown on taximeter.

In July you can find some very low cost flights to Dubrovnik (at the rate which is less than 80 EUR), which is some 240 km away and then you may take a bus to Sarajevo (it takes some 6 hours to get to Sarajevo, because the road crosses the national borders three times);  for the timetable and prices (approximately 30 EUR) of the trip from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo, see 

Upon arrival to the bus station you can take the tram to the city centre. 

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