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Restaurants and bars

There are many restaurants and bars in the vicinity of the Business Academy of the School of Economics and Business with affordable prices. The traditional food is delicious and cheap, so wherever you go in the town centre, be assured you will get very good food at low prices.

 A list of some good restaurants/cafes within 10 minutes walking distance from the School/Workshop venue is given below:

1. Restaurant Klopa (traditional Bosnian food – a very good lunch for 6 EUR), see LINK

2. Restaurant Boccone (Italian food and excellent pizzas, for 5-8 EUR), see LINK

3. Restaurant Karuzzo (vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine, a bit more expensive, lunch for 8 EUR), see LINK

4. Reastaurant Aščinica ASDŽ  (traditional Bosnian food, very good lunch for 5-6 EUR), see LINK

5. Buregdžinica Oklagija ( traditional Bosnian pie, a delicious lunch for 2 EUR),see  LINK

6. Ćevabdžinica Željo (traditional Bosnian meatball type meal, lunch for 4 EUR), see LINK

7. Caffee Restaurant Vatra (nice inner garden, good food and great ice-cream and cakes), see  link ( LINK

8. Restaurant Tavola (Italian restaurant with the various types of pasta, great variety of meat and seafood specialities, risottos, salads. This restaurant, in the heart of Sarajevo is the ideal spot for a quiet lunch or dinner far from the noise of town), see LINK

9. Marshall’s Gelatto (best ice-cream), see LINK


There are many cafes and pubs in the city centre. Wherever you go you will get very good coffee, beer and traditional grappa.

Very good jazz music is played alive almost every night at Jazz Club Monument; a good second choice is Jazz and blues club Pink Houdini. Good rock music and atmosphere is in Cafe bar Opera, which is next to Pink Houdini.

During the evening summer nights, the whole street Branilaca Sarajevo is full of young people drinking in 8 pubs along this street.

A good beer can be also  found at Pivnica Sarajevo as well , see  LINK .

Several local students will be retained to help answer questions, provide directions, and recommend cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants (which abound in the area immediately surrounding the University).

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